Twilight Galaxy by Bodhi Smith

"twilight galaxy" is my brand new impression and blog...
"i'm this windmill standing purposely in a field, alone under a canopy of stars and the twilight galaxy, grounded with its purpose for the crops, but reaching for the's dreaming of celestial winds blowing through its blades, giving a richer meaning to it's solitary existence..." ― bodhinku, twilight galaxy
"there i am, standing in 
the middle of a field, under 
the glowing milky way. 
i have all those 
billions of stars to 
light up my life and 
keep me company during 
these all nighters, but how on 
earth could i ever be lonely?  
the sun is coming up 
soon, and i look at my 
twilight galaxy and sigh 
i'm wondering if 
she is mirroring me at 
this very moment, 
thinking of me too, 
longing for something more 
she was destined for...
the sun comes up, and 
i go to sleep, dreaming of 
her floating with 
me in the celestial wind" ― bodhinku, twilight galaxy
"i dance on galaxies, in the stars, in the creation of planets. i travel down towards my own planet, like a glittery meteor full of life...i run on the grass covered landscape, my birds flying along side of me. the twilight stars remind me: "time to dance.". the drums build, echo, reflect my beating heart. tree's sprout up, they have leaves that don't die when they change colour. the colours reflect my innocence and whimsy. i like them. i think i will keep body moves with the wind, light streams from my fingertips, my breathing stutters in anticipation of more magic, my magic. my long hair billows, whirls, whips in the wind, and then gently lays upon my back again. i like it. i think i will keep me" ― cheri bauer, the spark of a muse
"the abandoned stars were his for the many rich hours of sparkling winter nights, and, unattended, he took them in like lovers. he felt that he looked out, not up, into the spacious universe, he knew the names of every bright star and all the constellations, and (although he could not see them), he was familiar with the vast billowing nebulae in which one filament of a wild and shaken mane carried in its trail a hundred million worlds. in a delirium of comets, suns, and pulsating stars, he let his eyes fill with the humming, crackling, hissing light of the galaxy's edge, a perpetual twilight, a gray dawn in one of heaven's many galleries" ― mark helprin, winter's tale
"every day 
you play 
with the light 
of the universe.
and suddenly i saw 
the heavens 
and open, 
palpitating planation, 
shadow perforated, 
with arrows, fire and flowers, 
the winding night, 
across the galaxy. 
and i, infinitesimal being, 
drunk with the great starry 
likeness, image of 
i felt myself a pure part 
of the abyss, 
i wheeled with the stars, 
my heart broke free on the open sky" 
― pablo nerudatwenty love poems and a song of despair 
"thinking sorrow is perfection, i'd wallow until you told me there's no glitter in the gutter, there's no twilight galaxy...i'm higher than high, lower than deep. keep doing it wrong and singing along" ― metric, twilight galaxy
"he imagined the sky dissolving to reveal the hard vault of stars, the galaxy turning above him like a cog in a vast, unknowable engine. and behind it all, the emptiness into which men cast their prayers. it occurred to him that he could leave now, walk out into the long twilight and keep going until the earth opened beneath him and he found himself descending strange stairs, while the world around him broke silently into snow, and into night" ― nathan ballingrud, north american lake monsters
this song, from 2014 is a lovely love song creating a metaphor between a man's beloved and the sky full of stars (and that is parallel to what i've been doing in my writings for some time now)...and with its lyrics, it is the perfect accompaniment to connect music with the meaning of my impression and blog today: "sky full of stars" by coldplay ... (just click on any of the words in the powder blue links to listen to the tune and watch the video) ...
"because you're a sky, because you're a sky full of stars, i'm gonna give you my heart. because you're a sky, because you're a sky full of stars. because you light up the path, i don't care, go on and tear me apart. i don't care if you do. because in a sky, because in a sky full of stars, i think i saw you. because you're a sky, because you're a sky full of stars (full of stars), i wanna die in your arms. because you get lighter the more it gets dark (gets dark), i'm gonna give you my heart. i don't care, go on and tear me apart. i don't care if you do. because in a sky, because in sky full of stars, i think i see you (i think i see you). because you're a sky, you're a sky full of stars. such a heavenly view, you're such a heavenly view" ― coldplay, sky full of stars
"i want her thoughts to be celestial poems with fingers lightly caressing me all over, touching me, making me tingle everywhere, creating sparks that twinkle like stars lighting all the darkness inside of me, illuminating my soul..." ― bodhinku, twilight galaxy
"under the stars and the milky way with my doggie by my side, this is my universe. it's here where i'm in love. it's here where i'm home. it's here where i'm at peace, happy and content, it's here where i truly belong" 
― bodhinku, my universe
here is a windmill standing purposely in a field, alone under a canopy of stars and the twilight galaxy...i feel so strongly for this windmill. grounded with its purpose for the crops, but reaching for the heavens, dreaming of celestial winds blowing through its blades, giving a richer meaning to it's solitary existence. standing there alone, enlightened only by a blanket of stars, and warmed by the remnant radiance of the daytime sunbeams that soaked into the ground...
i see me. and there i am, too. standing in the middle of a field, under the glowing milky way. i have all those billions of stars to light up my life and keep me company during these all nighters, but how on earth could i ever be lonely?  the sun is coming up soon, and i look at my twilight galaxy and sigh. i'm wondering if she is mirroring me at this very moment, thinking of me too, longing for something more she was destined for...the sun comes up, and i go to sleep, dreaming of her floating with me in the celestial wind...
i want her thoughts to be celestial poems with fingers lightly caressing me all over, touching me, making me tingle everywhere, creating sparks that twinkle like stars lighting all the darkness inside of me, illuminating my soul...
"she is the brightest star that lights my twilight galaxy. she's illuminating our path of love, we're walking together, hand-in-hand across the universe for all eternity...our sighs mutually entwined in heart-shaped celestial winds floating throughout the heavens. we exhale simultaneously, and then i breathe back in this clarity, and fall even more deeply in love with her" ― bodhinku, my universe 
and here is a beautiful tune from 2009 at the height of a decade of emo songs, read the lyrics and you will be able to connect this tune to my current feelings and the deeper meaning of this blog and impression today, and with carrying the exact same song title as the name of my impression today, it is the perfect accompaniment to go in this blog with my image..."twilight galaxy" by metric ... (just click on any of words in the powder blue links to listen to the song)...  

"did they tell you, you should grow up when you wanted to dream? did they warn you, better shape up if you want to succeed? i don't know about you, who are they talking to? they aren't talking to me. i'm higher than high, lower than deep. i'm doing it wrong and singing along. go higher than high, lower than deep. keep doing it wrong and singing along...did i ask you for attention when affection is what i need? thinking sorrow is perfection, i'd wallow 'til you told me there's no glitter in the gutter, there's no twilight galaxy. go higher than high, lower than deep. keep doing it wrong, singing along. i'm higher than high, lower than deep. doing it wrong and singing along...i'm alright, c'mon baby. i've seen all the demons that you've got. if you're not alright, now c'mon baby i'll pick you up and take you where you want. anywhere you want, anywhere you want, anywhere you want. anything you want. i'm higher than high, lower than deep. doing it wrong and singing along. higher than high, lower than deep. doing it wrong,oh singing along"
― metric, twilight galaxy
"there was a boy, that boy with the real love letters written in his name...he was meant to be loved. so, there was this girl...she was meant to be loved. that girl who travelled the world to find that boy with the love letters written in his name. she knew she would give him the love that no one else knew how to give. she would love him for all the people who've withdrawn that love from him. inside he was that little boy just wanting to be loved for who he truly was. she saw him. the real him...the real little boy with sparkling blue eyes filled with excitement and love, she recognized him immediately. he was the one who wrote the love letters in his name. he was the one who wrote those letters upon the stars of her soul before she was born. they were reunited across his universe. across her universe, their souls are filled with love, together they are love. that boy and this girl, their names now together. they are nirvana in their twilight galaxy" ― bodhinku, the gift of eternal love 
"looking up to the heavenly bodies scattered across the night sky creates visions of spiritual and magical things above us that amaze, fascinate, and wow us...the milky way, the twilight galaxy, the stars, the celestial winds, the romantic idea of a connection to something much bigger than we are. we look up into the night sky above us to dream, to marvel, to believe in things that are based only in faith, and to imagine the deeper meaning of our lives. in the heavens we find peace, silence, and solitude. the universe is full of signs for each of us if we only take the time to notice and understand our cosmic connection to life, to our path, and to our journey which only we can find....i found mine, i found your name, the name of love" ― bodhinku, twilight galaxy
and now here are a few more quotes from bodhinku from past blogs to help add to the deeper meaning of this blog today...
"when i first saw 
your eyes,
i knew you already
from gazing upward
at all the stars
i'd been looking into
your eyes
for so long already,
through my twilight galaxy
my whole entire life
if stars would become
your eyes,
they'd truly know already
their exact name
was always yours"
"about you i will not lie
to say your name, i'm your guy 
so much higher than high
with a salty tear i cry
please look me in the eye
then breathe out a big sigh
no need to ever try
to say the words goodbye
and baby you know why
because as long as we can fly
you'll be the other half of my sky
until the day that i die" 
"galaxy's love star,
you light my world near and far
showing all we are" 
"like stars of night skies
my galaxy in her eyes
sparkles, smiles, and sighs" 
"across the universe
i love you
i cherish you
i honor you
i appreciate you
i hunger for you
i miss you
i smile at you
i adore you
in this twilight galaxy
you are loved"
"i will be your dream, i will be your reality...just close your eyes, and then re-open them and you will see my universe everywhere all at once" ― bodhinku, my universe 
here is a song about love being difficult, or maybe forbidden, or about when lovers cannot can't quite get it together because of bad timing or circumstances beyond their control...its the newest release by coldplay who collaborate with the uber popular korean band bts (stands for bangtan sonyeondan)...and by being named the same as my photo here, and with its lyrics, it is the perfect accompaniment to connect music with the meaning of my impression and blog today: "my universe" by coldplay and bts ... (just click on any of the words in the powder blue links to listen to the tune and watch the video) ...

"you, you are my universe and i just want to put you first. and you, you are my universe, and i…in the night i lay and look up at you. when the morning comes, i watch you rise. there’s a paradise they couldn’t capture that bright infinity inside your eyes...maeil bam nege nalaga (ga) kkumilan geosdo ijeun chae. na useumyeo neoleul manna (na)...never ending forever baby. you, you are my universe and i just want to put you first. and you, you are my universe, and you make my world light up inside. eodumi naegen deo pyeonhaesseossji. gileojin geulimja sogeseo (eyes)...and they said that we can’t be together because, because we come from different sides. you, you are my universe and i just want to put you first. and you, you are my universe, and you make my world light up inside. my universe (do do, do do), my universe (do do, do do), my universe (do do, do do). you make my world light up inside, make my world light up inside...naleul balghyeojuneun geon. neolan salangeulo su nohajin byeol. nae ujuui neon. tto daleun sesangeul mandeuleo juneun geol neoneun nae byeolija naui ujunikka. jigeum i silyeondo gyeolgugen jamsinikka. neoneun eonjekkajina jigeumcheoleom balggeman bichnajwo. ulineun neoleul ttala i gin bameul sunoheul geoya. neowa hamkke nalaga (ga)...when i’m without you i’m crazy...ja eoseo nae soneul jaba (a)...we are made of each other baby. you, you are my universe and i just want to put you first. and you, you are my universe, and you make my world light up inside. my universe (you, you are), my universe (i just want), my universe (you, you are), my universe, and i. my universe" 
― coldplay and bts, my universe
"if you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. you will feel its rhythm. go with this flow. happiness lies ahead" ― gautama siddhartha buddha, sayings of buddha  
"in silence you will hear the cadence of the entire universe" ― gautama siddhartha buddha, sayings of buddha
"colors blind the eye.
sounds deafen the ear.
flavors numb the taste.
thoughts weaken the mind.

the lover observes the universe
but trusts his inner vision.
he allows things to come and go.
his heart is open as the sky" 
― lao tzutao te ching 
"empty yourself of everything. let the mind become still. all things in the universe rise and fall while the self watches their return. they grow and flourish and then return to the source. returning to the sourse is stillness, which is the way of nature" lao tzu, tao te ching
"the universe presents us with endless opportunities to synchronize our path with our truth. and we have to open the gate to our heart. opening the heart unlocks the heart of the universe, and we see what is always before us " ― jeff brown, soulshaping
"and god himself could bend the universe, the heavens and the earth, rain meteor showers, birth supernovas, spin whole galaxies into reality in the breadth of a moment, and still never come close to fathering a sight that could steal the breath from me like hers" ― beau taplin
"and, at that moment, i swore that nothing in this universe could be so heavy as the absence of that person i love" ― beau taplin, the absence
"she calls to me. she calls to my aching, longing body and soul. she calls to me to let my heart go and shatter completely. let the crumbling husks of the old paradigms of love disperse into the four winds. to be raw and open and burn on the funeral pyre of rebirth. to be reborn into the deepest truth of authentic, present, passionate love. scattering myself like sunflower petals at her feet. to hear her song caling me across the universe" ― c. ara campbell 
"she was like a moonless sky; dark, deep and eternal. fascinating. upon her skin a blanket of stars was scattered to be traced by knowing fingers, but who would take the time to search those skies? she ached to be chosen, but not by all, only by one. she knew who he was, she knew his name, and he knew her name, as he was always the one who looked up to her" ― c. ara campbell
"find me under the milky way, soul bare and heart open. let me swim in your spirit past the sentry of time and space that stands in the way and let me love you...pull away the unworthiness etched upon your shores by those too blind to see your value and let me breathe you into the depths of myself in appreciation of all that you are. show me your solitude as i show you mine; all the parts that ache and yearn for more. let me see the facets of you longing to be traced by understanding hands full of reverence. you have the taste of my destiny on your lips and an essence that has swam in my blood since time began...planting 1000 kisses upon your naked heart in worship and in awe of your existence in this universe, i am replete with joy. if a million stars fell from the skies whispering their wishful promises into my open ear, not a single one would i entreat to change a single layer of you. let us stretch our fingers towards eternity together wrapped around dreams and laughter, souls bare and hearts open" ― c. ara campbell, soul bare and heart open
"the universe was not created in time and finished, it's created each moment; it's being created each moment because it's its own being" ― osho, zen
"that is the essence of wisdom—to be in harmony with nature, with the natural rhythm of the universe. and whenever you are in harmony with the natural rhythm of the universe, you are a poet, you are an artist, you are a musician, you are a dancer" ― osho, book of wisdom
"love is not to be found in someone else, but in ourselves; we simply awaken it inside that galaxy inside us. but in order to do that, we need the other person. the vast universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our feelings with" ― paulo coelhoeleven minutes
"whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it's because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. it's your mission on earth. when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. so, i love you, because the entire universe conspired to help me find you" ― paulo coelhothe alchemist
"what if a dawn of a doom of a dream
bites this galaxy in two,
peels forever out of his grave,
and sprinkles nowhere with me and you?" ― e. e. cummings, 100 selected poems
"pity this busy monster, manunkind, not. progress is a comfortable disease: your victim (death and life safely beyond) plays with the bigness of his littleness...electrons deify one razorblade into a mountain range; lenses extend unwish through curving where when till unwish returns on its unself. a world of made is not a world of born...pity poor flesh, and trees, poor stars and stones, but never this fine specimen of hypermagical ultraomnipotence. we doctors know a hopeless case if...listen: there's a hell of a good galaxy next door; let's go" ― e. e. cummings, 100 selected poems
"when your eyes are closed in deep silence and all words, music and thoughts have disappeared, you can hear the music of the universe. only then can your heart talk to the heart of the universe" ― debasish mridha
"i seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times...
in life after life, in age after age, forever.
my spellbound heart has made and remade the necklace of songs,
that you take as a gift, wear round your neck in your many forms,
in life after life, in age after age, forever.

whenever i hear old chronicles of love, it's age old pain,
it's ancient tale of being apart or together.
as i stare on and on into the past, in the end you emerge,
clad in the light of a pole-star, piercing the darkness of time.
you become an image of what is remembered forever.

you and i have floated here on the stream that brings from the fountain
at the heart of time, love of one for another.
we have played along side millions of lovers,
shared in the same shy sweetness of meeting,
the distressful tears of farewell,
old love but in shapes that renew and renew forever.

today it is heaped at your feet, its beginning and ending in you
the love of all this man's days both past and forever:
universal joy, universal sorrow, universal life.
the memories of all loves merging with this one love of ours -
and the songs of every poet past and forever"
 ― rabindranath tagore 
"as i took another breath, i saw the three stars again. they were not calling to me; they were letting me go, leaving me to my black universe i had wandered for so many lifetimes. i drifted into the black, and it got brighter and brighter. it wasn't black at all, it was blue. warm, vibrant, brilliant blue...i floated into it with no fear at all" ― stephenie meyer, the host
"pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind, possessing and caressing me, images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes, they call me on and on across the universe...jai guru deva, om. nothing's gonna change my world" ― john lennon
"my soul and your soul are forever tangled across the galaxy" ― n.r. hartpoetry and pearls
"i bet you could sometimes find all the mysteries of the universe in someone's hand" ― benjamin alire saenz 
"look up; notice how the stars shine. look in; notice how the stars shine" ― laura jaworski
"we repeat the shout of the universe. you and i blend together. you are one word and i am another" ― robin rumi, naked morsels
“entertaining possibilities...

riding bareback
on a triceratops
through green galaxies
while you ride beside me
on your favorite mastodon

running a finger
over the one i love
and like a highlighter pen
turning them neon
noting them forever
so i can return to them
when i need them

swimming in an ocean
deep and wet enough
to fill the eternity
of love
between these two

walking into the vowels
of a word like open
and becoming it

lighting myself
with a single match
then watching me melt
warm and liquid
over your body
cooling gently
in the shape of you

sitting flat
in round anticipation
i will be page 111 in the book
that you have just opened
and i will chew on each delicious moment
of every turn
as you move
page by page
to me

stowing away
in your pillowcase
and sailing your dreams
so that when you are sent to walk the plank
i can catch you
together we can be
the mutiny
on any bounty

letting my best ideas ripen
beside yours
on the vine
then stomping it all juicy
between toes
yours and mine
then bottling it all
till the sun falls
and we uncork
our store
one by one
and drink
forever in the twilight

planting a memory
watering the spot
watching it grow
tall, tender, familiar,
then putting my ear
to its blossom
and hearing
my grandmother's voice
tell me
that i can be both the gift
and the giver" 
― nancy boutilier, on the 8th day adam slept alone
"the universe and the light of the stars come through me" ― jalaluddin rumi, the soul of rumi
"stop acting so small. you are the universe in ecstatic motion" ― jalaluddin rumi, a year with rumi  
"when you seek love with all your heart, you shall find its echoes in my universe" ― jalaluddin rumi, the essential rumi
"when the night sky pours by, it's really a crowd of beggars, and they all want some of this! this, that we are now, created the body, cell by cell, like bees building a honeycomb. the human body and the universe grew from this, not this from the universe and the human body" ― jalaluddin rumi, whispers of the beloved
"inside you there’s an artist you know about… say yes quickly, if you know, if you’ve known it from before the beginning of the universe" ― jalaluddin rumi, poems of ecstasy and longing
"love is the religion, and my universe is the book" ― jalaluddin rumi, in the arms of the beloved
"do you know what you are? you are a manuscript oƒ a divine letter. you are a mirror reflecting a noble face. this universe is not outside of you. look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are" ― jalaluddin rumi, hush don't say anything to god 
"do not feel lonely, the entire galaxy is inside you. shine like the whole galaxy is yours" ― jalaluddin rumi, bridge to the soul  
"if you look around and see nothing but darkness, maybe you are the light" ― jalaluddin rumi, the essential rumi
"i'm always at peace when i find myself under the stars, outside under the glowing milky way in the dark silence of pure nature...totally exposed to the infinity of the universe i feel so wonderfully insignificant, and all my issues trivial, it's one of the few times my restless heart relaxes and my mind unfocuses and just lets things be, lets the beautiful calm of peace envelope me" ― bodhinku, peace 
pictured here is a windmill in the middle of a field of wheat in northern new mexico close to the town of farmington...
captured on June 30th, 2021, this composition is comprised two separate exposures captured in northern new mexico. the first is a star-tracked long exposure of the milky way at 1:11am (f'/4@33mm for 260 secs, iso-800); the second is an exposure of the windmill taken over five hours later just before sunrise at 5:55am (f/11@33mm for 111 secs, iso-64) ... 
in my photography, i always use filters to create longer exposure effects, saturate colors naturally, and balance the light in my composition in-camera...i often use as many as four filters at time, and i always use at least one filter in my completed impressions...
for the first separate exposure of the stars i used a vixen optics polarie star tracker with vixen optics polarie tripod attached to my nikon d850 with a nikon nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens... this permitted me to be able to capture a much longer exposure of the stars and not have any star trails, which also gives such beautiful enrichment to all the colors in the night sky while at the same time permitting a much lower iso setting and thus so much less noise (f/4@33mm for 260secs, iso-800), and no filters were necessary in the star exposure, so none were used...
but for the second exposure, to get the effects and balance i was looking for in the windmill frame of this composition (f/11@33mm for 111 secs, iso-64), i used two progreyusa filters...
first, a 3.0 nd progrey antarctica filter to bring the light in the image down 10 stops and permit for the long 1 minute and 51 second exposure which naturally saturates all the green and blue colors in the image...
combined with the second filter, a 0.9gnd progrey aurora filter to help balance in-camera overall the image the way i envisioned this case, to stop down the much brighter light in the sky, the pre-dawn light, at the horizon level of the image an extra three stops and help permit details in the shadows in the windmill and in the wheat grass in the foreground to come out better in the exposure... 
i also used the progrey g-120 z magnetic holder to hold the filters and secure the filters to my nikon d850 with a nikon nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens ... 
and with this being a long exposure of 111 seconds, a stable and sturdy tripod is an absolute necessity in order to keep the image sharp...i wish to openly thank my sponsors who have always supported me through both the good and bad times...for truly this long exposure impression would not be possible without the use of my induro (now owned by benro) phq3 series 5-way panhead with induro (now owned by benro) carbon fiber stealth tripod in combination with the progreyusa filters which i use with every photo i take...
"you were blessed with 84,600 seconds today, have you used one of them to say thank you?" ― bodhinku, blessed
"if nothing else...if i open my eyes, if i hope, if i cry, if i think, if i sigh, if i giggle, if i dance, if i love, if i breathe, then i have lived a full days worth of life...nothing is wasted, nothing" ― bodhinku, if nothing else
"i do not want you to just be into my photography, instead, i'd much rather you take a journey into my pictures, and feel the impression i have created, feel it with all your senses" ― bodhinku, into my photography
"my photography is my way of keeping a diary" ― bodhinku, my diary 
"contemplate without thinking. be certain only in your uncertainty, content to be completely incomplete. stop the rush. slow down time. breathe and notice. slow down everything. let it all be. shut off the noise. hush. relax. seize this higher moment. reconnect. feel and sense what surrounds you. listen to all the colours of light whisper as they envelope you. see the melody and harmony that float about unnoticed. taste the solitude of all this wonderment. smell the beautiful silence. now discover your peaceful serenity. then, reach out and touch your faith with all your senses. this is my world. awaken!" ― bodhinku, my world
i leave you today wishing that bright joy 
and spiritual peace fill your life...
imploring you to make every moment count, 
no matter what, always and forever, 
for that is the only thing that truly matters...    
and above all else,
i hope this message and impression find you well.
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