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Bodhi Smith is an award winning fine-art landscape photographer, a digital photography instructor, and an international tour guide. He is a native of Southern California and makes his home only a few miles from where he took his first breaths after entering this world.

Until 2011, Bodhi was an avid and successful backcountry skier/splitboarder with weekly adventures into the North American Alpine wildernesses. Since 2011, he has taken that kind of professional skill, passion, knowledge of weather, and obsessions of natural beauty and has translated it into building an impressive body of photographic artwork that is enjoyed by thousands of viewers on a daily basis.

Utilizing both his routines of thorough planning and pre-visualization, Bodhi creates vivid photographic compositions that are impressions and expressions of his own feelings, emotions, and experiences. He specializes in night time photography and ultra-long exposures that often appear surreal or dreamlike but still maintain an anchor of grounding in reality.

Although he travels the world and has recently photographed Easter Island, New Zealand, Iceland, Maui, Mexico, and Japan, Bodhi is especially noted for his bold and colorful scenes of the iconic American Southwest, luminescent nightscapes under the Milky Way, and his mystical seascapes of the Pacific Ocean coastline.

Bodhi's photography is permanently on display in his "Gallery in the Hills" in Valley Center, CA. Plus, periodically on his works are displayed at the San Diego Museum of Natural History and at the Fallbrook Art Gallery. His images are also permanently on display across Southern California in numerous galleries, private collections, wineries, businesses, hospitals, government offices, and hotels.

Bodhi has won several awards for his photography, most notably the Best of Show Award in the 2016 "Best of Nature" International Exhibit of Photography at the San Diego Museum of Natural History. His work is also sponsored by and featured on websites, products, and promotional materials by Dolica Tripods, ProgreyUSA, Lorimar Winery, Mutt Lynch Winery, Deux Amis Winery, the San Diego County Fair, Nelson Photography, and Metalography Metal Prints

Being a teacher and a student of his craft, Bodhi Smith wants people not to follow him, but to journey beside him. He is always approachable and absolutely selfless with his photography. He is always open and helpful with everyone he knows and meets. He willingly shares his techniques, experience, knowledge insights, locations, and camera settings. In doing so, Bodhi realistically hopes to inspire others to enrich their own lives by picking up a camera. Through the lens of a camera, people will become more deeply skilled at enriching their own personal life experiences. 


Bodhi's Message:

I am sure that this sounds truly odd, but I am not in photography just to make money...yes, I do sell my work, but that is not my main priority what-so-ever. I truly hope to humbly inspire others to get out and see the world. We experience so much beauty that is right in front of us daily, and photography is something everyone can do to record those memories...I really want to get that message out to people who are captivated by my work. All need to realize that time slows down with every moment that is frozen in a photograph they capture. The simple process of stopping to take a picture helps their life become more meaningful, peaceful, and pure as they stop rushing from point a to point b, leave the rat-race, and start noticing their path of life and interacting with the world around them more vividly and reflectively. -D. Bodhi Smith

"my meditation is simple: i observe things, then quietly press down my shutter release. click." ― bodhinku

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"Bring the sky beneath your feet and feel the celestial music everywhere" ― Jalaluddin Rumi

    (c) 2018. All Rights reserved

   (c) 2018. All Rights reserved

"Stop the world. Slow down everything. Shut off the noise. Seize this moment. Reconnect. reflect. Feel and sense what surrounds you. Listen to all the colors of light that envelope you. See the melody and harmony that floats about unnoticed. Taste the solitude of all this wonderment. Smell the beautiful silence within your peaceful serenity. Illuminate. Then, reach out and touch your faith. This is my world." ― bodhinku