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Grand American West Tour with Bodhi


For only $4444 USD, (less than $265 a day!BUT SPOTS ARE LIMITED: ONLY 4 LEFT. This featured photography tour, The Grand American West Tour, with be led by Bodhi Smith. From July 15th-July 31th, 2017, (THIS TOUR CAN ALSO BE CUSTOMIZED TO FIT INTO YOUR PERSONAL SCHEDULE!)  this unforgettable 17-day (16 night) experience will take you to the most exciting places that the American Southwest has to offer in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California: Famous grand vistas, wild animals, picturesque canyons, pristine desert sand dunes, spectacular weather patterns, tall mountains, unique rock formations, and the luminescent skies at night with billions of stars and Milky Way. These dates were specifically selected for the optimum chances of getting dramatic drama filled skies for sunrise and sunsets as well as dark skies at night for photographing the Milky Way.  

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   (c) 2016. All Rights reserved

   (c) 2016. All Rights reserved

"You as my observer, and as my critic, bear the responsibility for interpreting my impressions in your own unique way...and thus by doing so, You become a participant in the overall creation of my artwork. I deeply thank you for taking the time to truly see my photography on these pages.  - D."Bodhi" Smith